Lernwerkstatt Offenes Archiv

Welcome to the Learning Center Open Archive!

Welcome to the Learning Center Open Archive!

This is the new website of the Learning Center Open Archive. To give us feedback, please write to us: lernwerkstatt@gedenkstaetten.hamburg.de .

What is the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is offered to pupils and young people for research-based learning. It provides an easy way to learn more about the history of Neuengamme concentration camp and the concentration camp memorial. It is also open to multipliers, individual visitors, scholars and anyone else who is interested.

The Learning Center has books, journals, materials relating to memorial education, photos and drawings, as well as videos and audio resources. These materials, as well as topics of certain themes, can be accessed via the website. In addition to introductory texts, the pages also contain links to other topics and to in-depth media, many of which are accessible online as digital media.

How can I use the Learning Center?

Groups and individual visitors are welcome to browse and research in the learning center. If you go from the exhibition about the Camp SS to the learning center, you will first arrive in the media room. The four computers there can be used freely.

Further back in the library are two more computers and the media collection. In the "Children's and Youth Literature" section, for example, there are graphic novels with stories about National Socialist persecution.

The computers are equipped with video and audio editing programs for project groups, so that participants can creatively process, edit and present their research results and learning experiences in the form of podcasts, radio reports or short films.

In addition to the media-pedagogical offers, there is the possibility to deal with concentration camp history in depth during project days held in the learning center.

Where can I access the latest news?

Soon we will inform visitors about innovations on the website and present results of the projects undertaken in the learning center under the "News" topic page.

Where can I find the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is open during the opening hours of the Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial and is freely accessible to all visitors at all times. It is located in the building next to the Camp SS exhibition.

I have a question

If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us, either on-site or: lernwerkstatt@gedenkstaetten.hamburg.de.